Ascent to Vtáčnik and the SNP bonfire

Celebrations of the heroes of the Slovak National Uprising


Detail informations

On Friday, September 1, 2023, the village of Bystričany commemorated an important landmark in the history of the Slovak nation - the Slovak National Uprising, by laying wreaths at the monuments to the victims of the Second World War. The mayor of the village with members of the municipal council, together with members of the Bystričany Volunteer Fire Brigade, laid wreaths on the graves of fallen partisans and soldiers of the Soviet Army in the grounds of the Holy Trinity Church in Bystričany and the local cemetery in Vieska.
Subsequently, on this occasion, the municipality made a traditional ascent to the Vtáčnik mountain range, where everyone could meet together, rest a little, or take photos at the top of our highest mountain range. The safety of tourists was supervised by the members of the Bystričany Volunteer Fire Department, for which we express our great gratitude. Subsequently, the participants of the ascent moved back to the village to the football field, where everyone could have refreshments.
Later in the evening, a memorial ceremony was held, which the mayor of the village, Mgr. Filip Lukáč started with a ceremonial speech. During the ceremony, the mayor of the village together with his deputy colleague honored the oldest and the youngest participant of the ascent to the Vtáčnik mountain range. This was followed by the ceremonial lighting of the bonfire, in honor of the 79th anniversary of the SNP. During the celebration, the country band Texas played for dancing and listening.
We thank all participants for coming to express the important fact that we should not forget our history and value freedom and peace, which are not taken for granted!