Cultural summer in Chalmová - sitting on the grassy area under the rails

a meeting of friends with music

As part of the program "Cultural summer of the village of Bystričany 2023", our village prepared for the citizens of the village a pleasant meeting with music, which took place on Friday, July 28, 2023, on the grassy area of ul. Gaštanová, under the rails. The nice meeting of the citizens of Chalmova and the citizens of other parts of our village contributed to the strengthening of their friendly relations. The clever women from Chalmová also prepared delicious snacks for the participants, for which we thank them very much. The music group Duo Muzika, also known from television Šláger, played a role in the singing and dancing, which entertained the participants of the event until late at night. Of course, fun-loving children were not forgotten here, for whom face painting, glittering tattoos and fairy-tale mascots were prepared.

Thank you for your participation and creating a good atmosphere!