Unity of Pensioners in Slovakia - ZO Bystričany

ZO JDS in Bystričany was established on February 25, 2001. It was created by the activity of an active group of seniors led by Ján Pažicky and other voluntary citizens, also officials of the OV JDS in Prievidza. A new era of unknown situations began, without experience, but with great ambitions and enthusiasm.
The pensioners' club started its activity in renovated premises with appropriate equipment and mainly with the support of the local government and the seniors themselves. Even today, many creative and sincere people work in the committee and the association itself. The membership base has 139 members and it is led by a 9-member committee headed by the chairwoman Anna Iliašová.
Citizens appreciate the approach of the mayor, municipal council, village workers and committee members to work with seniors. The years lived, the work done and the wisdom of life speak for everything. With a strong will, they gather the remnants of their strength and do the impossible. They use their creativity and imagination when working with wood or other natural materials. They are not afraid to compete in senior sports games. They can sing, recite, paint, embroider, create beautiful products from yarn, textiles, dough and various others. They can live a cultural and social life. They visit exhibitions, theaters, cinemas, libraries, take part in talks, excursions, trips, tours, tours, rehabilitation stays and the like.
The traditional - large events of the organization include every year: Member meetings of the JDS, Children's Day, Village days during feasts, Wind Festivals under Vtáčnik, Sports days for seniors, events in the memorial room of the village, nature walks, bus sightseeing tours, Meeting of Villages at In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, a chair for a guest, a tour of leisure activities, Autumn is a gift, Santa's sitting, Christmas in the village and many other unmentioned activities.
Sports days for seniors, which are always carried under a certain slogan, have been popular for several years. In 2014 – Sports for health, 2015 – Exercise and healthy nutrition for health, 2016 – Importance of drinking regime, 2017 – Hygiene, 2018 – Vitamins hid in the vegetable basket, 2019 – Pasta in the family, 2020 – Dairy products and cheeses deliver strength to you. The glowing faces of the winners in sports and entertainment disciplines, hands full of food prizes, an entertaining program by the Bystričianka singing group and tasty refreshments, this is the reality of sports days for our seniors.
The singing group Bystričianka has been working at ZO JDS since 2006. The singing group works under the direction of Helena Kmeťová. For years, he sticks to the song repertoire with his own lyrics to the tunes of well-known folk songs. She performs in patterned clothes, her members are also excellent theater actresses. For five years, Bystričianka and the Hôrka z Čerenian singing group have been united by a bond of friendship with the common accordionist Ing. Darinka Vincúrová. The singing group at ZO JDS Bystričany has had successful performances and is an integral part of events in the village and outside the village.
Thanks to our members Peter and Anton Obžer, a large variety of photo documentation and video footage from our events is a benefit for the more than 20-year existence of our ZO JDS. We continue to develop long-term friendship and active cooperation with teachers and pupils of primary and secondary schools, with the Urban Land Association, the Volunteer Fire Brigade, the Slovak Gardening Association and the OOJDS in Prievidza. In the past and today, all the mayors with the municipal council and the staff of the Municipal Office supported and support the civic association JDS and are of all help to it. Their benevolence brings a lot of positive energy, joy and knowledge to our pensioners. The events and accompanying events of our "BIG JDS FAMILY" ran smoothly year after year, without barriers or delays. There is no time for arguments, we are all pulling together. In this senior community, we experience a lot of joy, respect and mutual belonging. We sacrifice our free time and love for the well-being of others, and they reciprocate our gratitude and satisfaction.
We sincerely thank everyone who participates in the noble journey for the benefit of the senior citizens of our village and wish them good health and much success in every direction.

Helena Kmeťová, vice-president of the JDS Bystričany

Sports Day 2020


Bystričianka - Feast in the village