Urban land association Bystričany

The activities of the Urban Land Community are managed by a committee that is elected by the general meeting for a 5-year period. The urban land association has changed from a physical entity to a legal entity, bringing together more than 600 shareholders. The Urban Land Community discusses the requirements that are approved by the UPS work plan at the General Assembly and the Forest Economic Plan for the given period. In forest stands, wood is harvested, and after extraction, the undergrowth is smoothed, pruning is carried out and new seedlings are planted. The forest economic plan is binding and its implementation is controlled by the Forestry Office in Prievidza. The main income of the community
is the extraction and sale of wood to customers and members of UPS. The urban land association helps the village in various events such as the Fire of Sovereignty, and sponsors, based on the request of the Bystričany Pensioners' Union, actions carried out by members of the pensioners' union, elementary schools and kindergartens in Bystričany, as well as TJ Dynamo Bystričany. Jozef Gašparovič – chairman of UPS

Komenského 138, 972 45 Bystričany
ID: 42284988 Tax ID: 202407085

UPS Committee:
President of UPS: Jozef Gašparovič, tel. No.: 046/5493 113
Vice-chairman: Jozef Kollár
Cashier: Emília Vargová

Committee members:
Ján Radosa
Štefan Kmeť, Ing.

Board of Supervisors:

Mária Gelačáková Gašparovičová
Helena Ferenčíková

Documents to download:
Resolution dated September 3, 2022
STATUTES of the community