Results of the 2nd round of the 2024 presidential election in the village of Bystričany

The representatives of our local government are again particularly pleased with the high voter turnout. Peter Pellegrini will be the head of state.

Up to 63.5% of eligible voters went to the ballot boxes this time in the most beautiful village under the mountains. This is only less than eight percentage points less than in last year's parliamentary elections, which attracted many more of us to vote.

The village of Bystričany and our residents thus beat this year's extremely high national average in the second round of the presidential election by approximately three percentage points, which once again confirmed that you really care about public affairs.


  • Peter Pellegrini 593 votes (63.63%)
  • Ivan Korčok 339 votes (36.37%)
  • invalid 4 votes

On behalf of our mayor Filip Lukáč and members of the municipal council, CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Pellegrini on the support he has received and we wish him much success in the position of head of state of the Slovak Republic, the mentioned peace, balance and free decision-making for the benefit of all residents of the country and our self-government.

More information about the results of the second round of the 2024 presidential elections in Bystričany after the official publication of the results and data by the state authorities can be found, for example, on the website of the SME daily, just click HERE .