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Chronicle of Bystričany - a valuable historical document

Among the most important archival documents in the village of Bystričany is the village chronicle. The mission of the chronicle is the preservation and protection of the cultural-historical and social heritage of the village, preserving essential information of general importance for the needs of current and future generations. The chronicle contributes to the development of the historical and cultural-social awareness of the inhabitants of the village and to the appropriate presentation of the life of the village of Bystričany and its parts Vieska and Chalmová, within the wider social context.
The task of the chronicle is to objectively, chronologically, in writing and visually record all significant facts of general importance on the basis of continuously obtained and undistortedly processed documents from public and social life, municipal self-government, political, economic, cultural, sports, social and other events in the village. It also includes events in education, healthcare, church life, weather information and the most important news from around the world. The details of the processing and the wealth of information are also evidenced by the fact that in our village there is already a third book, led by a third chronicler.


The village of Bystričany has its chronicle since 1957.
The first municipal chronicler was František Radosa (Jožkeje). After him, in 1990, the teacher of the school group at the local elementary school, Mrs. Helena Kmeťová , born in 1990, became the chronicler of that time. Ziaťková. She worked as a chronicler for twenty years and ended it in 2010. In January 2011, the Municipal Council in Bystričany approved the position of municipal chronicler Mrs. Ing. Mária Kollárová , born School. She devoted herself to managing the municipal chronicle for ten years, until the end of 2020.

Chronicle records are written by hand, in cursive script, in three large volumes of hardcover. Volume I records records from 1957 to 1997. Volume II. from 1998 to 2012 and Volume III. from 1993 to the present.
Part of the municipal chronicle is accompanying documentation - photos, albums, documents, newspaper clippings.
We are grateful to all those who spent a lot of time in the past collecting and collecting information, recording events, and writing chronicles by hand, and thus left us a huge source of information about life in our village.

Long-term efforts in collecting knowledge, information, records, materials, photo documentation, recording deeds and events from the past and present were put to good use and put into literary form by the former pedagogic-educational worker and former chronicler Mrs. Helena Kmeťová. With the active help of the then mayor of the village, Ján Šnirc, and the director of the Hornonitrian Museum in Prievidza PhDr. With her chronicling work, Ivety Géczyová contributed to the creation of the first ever publication about the village called "Bystričany - Events in the village from the beginning" , which was published in 2010 in a print run of one thousand copies. This book publication with a varied palette of images has served the needs of not only the current generation for years, but we believe that it will also serve the generations to come.

The chronicle is stored at our municipal office and is available in person for every reader after a pre-arranged date.
We wish all readers a pleasant time "flipping" through it and let's not forget that only if we know our past, we can understand our present.