Housing and social services

Living in the village of Bystričany

General rental apartments
The village of Bystričany owns 60 rental apartments:
- Osloboditelų Street: three apartment buildings, inventory numbers 750, 751, 752. There are 12 apartments in each apartment building. The apartments are one-, two- and three-room.
- SNP Street: two apartment buildings, inventory numbers 779, 780. There are 11 apartments in each building, all apartments are two-room.
- Mirka Nešpora Street: in the apartment building listed number 10, the municipality owns one two-room apartment.
- Ulica Chalmovská, part of the village of Chalmová: in the apartment building number 683, the village owns one two-room apartment.

The village currently has no apartments available. We are currently registering more than 20 requests for the allocation of a rental apartment.
An application for the allocation of an apartment can be submitted to the municipal office at any time.
Application for an apartment
Information sheet and declaration of the applicant
Application for extension of the rental agreement

New municipal rental apartments are under preparation
Our municipality owns many buildings that are in poor technical condition, so it is necessary to do something with these objects. We have prepared a pilot project that will be implemented on Dlhej street, opposite the cultural center, in the place where the Bystričany Memorial Hall currently stands. Our intention is to build two-story family-type apartment buildings on the land for seniors and young families. These will be houses that fit into the overall concept of the area and will be in accordance with the spatial plan. Residents who live nearby do not have to fear that a multi-story apartment building will grow up behind their fence. It will be eight one- and two-room apartments with a small garden, parking spaces and, of course, greenery. We have the projects ready, the zoning and construction proceedings are currently underway. We will move the memorial room to the municipal office, where it will serve representative purposes and can be visited daily. The building in which it is currently located, paradoxically, served as a rental apartment in the 1990s.

New municipal rental apartments can also be created from the old school building
We have also prepared a project that could be implemented on Dlhej street, next to the Roman Catholic church in Bystričany. The old school is also a building that needs renovation. These are extremely financially demanding projects that our municipality can only finance through grants. For this building, reconstruction and rebuilding through the state housing development fund for apartments or removal of the building and the creation of a green embankment by the stream are considered. We have a project of conversion to apartments ready. We are also consulting this option with urban planning experts, whether the given intention of conversion to apartments is suitable in this location, or we will choose the option of removing the building and creating a green space and a park by the stream and in front of the church. Citizens can also comment on the proposal. Comments can be sent to the email address projekty@bystricany.sk, by post or in person to the mailbox of the municipal office until December 31, 2021.


Social services provided by the municipality

Caregiving service: caregiving service in the village of Bystričany is provided by the Joint Municipal Office with headquarters in the town of Nováky. The social department provides and provides basic social counseling, issues and handles requests for assessment of dependence on social services (home care service, facilities for seniors, care service facility, day care center), in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Act on Social Assistance, ensures the care service agenda in citizens' apartments, performs field social work, namely: work that precedes the decision on the method of solving the case and control of citizens who are provided with nursing services, monitors the purpose, quality and scope of the nursing service provided, conducts social research and makes a social assessment and opinion on dependence on social services, prepares decisions on dependence on social services, cooperates with the personnel department of municipalities in matters of hiring caregivers, cooperates with other state bodies, organizations, municipalities, citizens' initiatives and other entities involved in solving social assistance resolves complaints, comments and suggestions aimed at the provision of care services


Mgr. Renáta Šimková

phone: 421 905 486 678

mail: renata.simkova@novaky.sk

Office hours of the Nováky social department:
Monday: 7.30 - 12.00 13.00 - 15.30
Tuesday: 7.30 - 12.00 13.00 - 15.30
Wednesday: 7.30 - 12.00 13.00 - 17.00
Thursday: non-page day
Friday: 7.30 - 12.00

Lunches for seniors: the municipality allows the provision and importation of lunches for the seniors of the village, while following the applicable generally binding regulation on the provision of supportive social services in the canteen . If a citizen is interested in lunches, it is necessary to submit a request for meals . Your application will be assessed and if all criteria are met, this service will be provided.

Discounts for residents: the village of Bystričany, together with the Chalmová Thermal Swimming Pool, provides its residents with discounts on entry to the thermal swimming pool. When buying a ticket, all you have to do is prove your permanent residence and the discount will be automatically granted to you.