Slovak International Sheep Shearing Championships

18th year of the championship

On Saturday, July 29, the eighteenth year of the International Sheep Shearing Championships of the Slovak Republic will take place at Farma pod Vtáčnik. The competition is organized by the Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders in cooperation with Farma pod Vtáčnik. The shearers will try to improve the Slovak record for the time of shearing one sheep, which is currently 46 seconds.

During the breaks, accompanying events will also take place:

- ginseng drinking competition

- Bryndza dumpling eating competition

- sheep milking demonstration

The atmosphere will be enhanced by live music, farm competitions for children, and a mini-farm. Throughout the day, specialties such as lamb and venison goulash, bryndza dumplings, grilled cheese, excellent beer and strudel, sheep's and cow's cheeses will be served. You can find details about the competition in the following link: