Darts tournament for the mayor's cup of Bystričany

2 December 2023

Darts are a global phenomenon that has been sweeping the world like an avalanche in recent years, and of course it did not bypass our village either. Darts are a combination of sport and entertainment. That's why it probably won't surprise anyone that it was football players who started to take up them competitively in 2019. Of course, it was not a professional competition, but a kind of team strengthening. Therefore, their home stand became the football field, where they regularly met to measure their skills. After some time, they decided that it wouldn't hurt to invite darts enthusiasts from among the fans. And the fact that it was the right step is also evidenced by the success and enthusiasm of the sports event: "Dart tournament for the Bystričany mayor's cup". This zeroth edition of the event was created in cooperation with the Darts Club, TJ Dynamo Bystričany and the Municipality of Bystričany, which took place on December 2, 2023 in the Bystričany Cultural House.

You can see that the event was full of positive energy and enthusiasm from the following photos from the event:


We believe that this newly created event will continue to be preserved, so that it can become another traditional event organized in cooperation with the municipality of Bystričany. We thank everyone who participated in the event and who participated in the birth of such a pleasant sports day!