The primary school building is located in a beautiful green park and together with the gymnasium, multi-functional playground and the school canteen building form one unit. Our school is a fully organized school with nine grades, one class in each grade. In recent years, the average number of students in a class is 13.

In addition to classrooms, the school has a multimedia classroom, a special classroom (suitable for teaching biology, chemistry and physics), a computer classroom and a school workshop.
In the school's educational program, the school focuses on strengthening the teaching of languages and science subjects. Every year, students participate in knowledge Olympiads in the Slovak language and literature, English language, biology, chemistry, physics, technology, geography, mathematics. Children regularly participate in school sports competitions in basketball, floorball, volleyball and football.
Pupils who are keen on sports can participate in various sports clubs in the afternoon. The school has the Matej Tóth Sports Academy, a football club, a fire brigade club, a hiking club and a floorball club.
The exceptionality of the school is the almost annual student musical prepared under the direction of female teachers.

Basic Art School (ZUŠ)
There are two allocated ZUŠ workplaces in the school. Pupils can attend the art department of the ZUŠ, or choose to play the following musical instruments: recorder, piano, electronic piano (keyboard), brass instruments and singing.

international cooperation
In 2008, we managed to establish cooperation at the level of pupils and teachers with the Czech Odry Primary School and at the level of teachers with the Skola Podstawowa im. Jana Wawrzynka w Kuzni Raciborská from the Republic of Poland. Every year, we organize exchange stays of our students with the Odra Elementary School.
In the period of 2020-2022, the international Erasmus+ project took place at the school, and in 2022-2024, together with Collège Grégoire de Tours, Marlenheim (France), we became partner schools within the Let's Celebrate Europe project.

You can learn more about the school on its website: zsbystricany.edupage.org


Name of the school: Elementary school with kindergarten, M. Nešpora 12/1, Bystričany 972 45
School address: M. Nešpora 12/1, Bystričany 972 45
972 45 Bystričany

School email: riatietelstvo@zsbystricany.sk
ID: 036126659
VAT number: 2021624517

Director of the school : Mgr. Kamil Šteiner, phone: +421911963642, e-mail: kamil.steiner@zsbystricany.sk

Deputy school director : PaedDr. Ivana Plachá, PhD., phone: +421911584468, e-mail: ivana.placha@zsbystricany.sk