Primary school with Bystričany kindergarten

As the name implies, the school consists of two entities:

  • Bystričany Elementary School (opened on January 17, 1967, ceremonially opened on September 3, 1967)
  • Bystričany Kindergarten (opened on September 1, 1980)

On September 1, 2002, both schools were merged and a legal entity was created called Elementary School with Kindergarten, M. Nešpora 12/1, 972 45 Bystričany. Until today, each organizational component has its own campus and separate spaces. In the future, it is planned to move the Bystričany Kindergarten to the premises of the Bystričany Elementary School.

History of education in the village of Bystričany

The school has always been the bearer of education and culture in the village. You can read about how far education in the village of Bystričany has progressed since its beginnings in the articles from the chapter Monographs of the Bystričany municipality, Education and education, the basis of life:

Bystričany, Events in the village from the beginning, 2010, p. 162 - 173