Air protection - purchase of a multifunctional cleaning car

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund
and the state budget of the Slovak Republic

Applicant: Bystričany village
Operational program: Environment
Priority axis: 3 Air protection and minimization of the adverse effects of climate change
Project code: 24130120069
Project name: Air protection in the village of Bystričany - Purchase of a multifunctional cleaning car
Contract number: 052/3.1MP/2010
In the past, our municipality was dependent on external suppliers for the management of local roads, or we used our own, but outdated, technology. Our vision was to change this fact and take another step towards cleaner and more beautiful Bystrica residents. By purchasing a multifunctional device, we ensured smooth, efficient and flexible maintenance of the land roads of the village of Bystričany with a total length of 15.5 km. Regular cleaning with a modern mechanism ensures less air pollution coming from roads and public spaces.