Reconstruction of elementary school with kindergarten Bystričany

Project co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Slovak Republic

Applicant: Bystričany village
Operational programme: Regional operational programme
Priority axis: 1 Education infrastructure
Project code: 22110120532
Name of the project: Elementary School with Kindergarten Bystričany
Contract number: Z 22110120532 01

The history of the building complex of our elementary and kindergarten dates back to 1967. Our intention was to modernize the existing buildings, adapt them to current requirements and applicable standards. By renovating the buildings of the elementary school, the gymnasium and the kindergarten, we have achieved an increase in the efficiency of our students' education. Replacement of plastic windows, modification of the surface of the perimeter walls and addition of thermal insulation also mean significant savings in energy costs. Furthermore, we modernized the technology and interior equipment. In the long term, we have increased the level of education and reduced overhead costs. It was this reduction that enabled us to purchase new teaching aids, improve the working conditions of teachers and make their work more efficient. The reconstruction of the buildings has beautified the immediate surroundings from an aesthetic point of view and has a positive impact on the children attending elementary and kindergarten as well as on the residents of the village.