Reconstruction of local roads, sidewalks and storm drains

Applicant: Bystričany village
Program: Operational program Basic infrastructure
Measure: 3.4 Renovation and development of municipalities
Project name: Reconstruction of local roads, sidewalks and storm drains in Bystričany Village
Contract number: 2004-OPZI-34/B-TN-0005
Project code : 11430400389

The municipality of Bystričany delivered the Application for the provision of a non-refundable financial contribution to the Trenčín self-governing region on February 3, 2005. The municipality received the notification of approval of the application from the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic on 30.11.2005.
OSP, as, Obchod became the supplier of construction works. Construction industry. Business. Košovská cesta 24, 971 31 Prievidza, on the basis of a public tender published in the Public Procurement Gazette.

Approved budget (in Sk):
Total costs: 100% - 11,671,132.06
ERDF contribution: 75% - 8,753,349.05
Contribution of the SR state budget: 20% - 2,334,226.41
Own resources of the municipality: 5% - 583,556.60

Our first intention was to reconstruct the road infrastructure and sewage system in Bystričany. At the same time, we improved the quality of living in the village and made it more attractive in the eyes of tourists or potential new residents. We managed to support local business and balanced regional differences. Funds from the European Regional Development Fund were directed specifically to the repair of local roads - SNP Street and the adjacent sidewalk. Also for the reconstruction of the storm drain in the village, which drains rainwater from the local road and residential houses.