Hunting association Hrádok Bystričany

Nature and hunting were and are an integral part of the life of the village. Hunting in our village has undergone long-term changes. The hunting association got its present form in 2001 with the founding of the Hrádok Bystričany Hunting Association with an area of 2010 ha, which operates mainly in the cadastral territory of Bystričany. The hunting area is included in the Vtáčnik deer area. In the area there are deer, roe deer, wild boar and fallow deer in recent years. From small game, pheasants, ducks, hares and from beasts, fox, fig. As in the past and in the present, we note the presence of a bear as well as a pack of wolves in our territory.
The association's membership consists mainly of citizens of our village. The running of the association is ensured by a five-member committee consisting of: chairman Peter Obžera, secretary Ladislav Bartolen, hunting manager Ján Švajlenka, cynologist and shooting officer Tomáš Bartolen, financial manager Juraj Ťapucha.
As part of animal care, the association provides feed preparation, animal health monitoring, vaccination, protection services, as well as regulated hunting. The result of high-quality animal care in our area is the medal evaluation of the caught animals at the breeding show, where we won 9 medals in the deer category, 6 medals in the roe deer category and 8 medals in the wild game category.
In addition to exercising the right to hunt, the association also participates in cultural and social events in the village, not only by organizing a hunting ball, but also by cooking hunting goulash at the village day celebrations. We also focus our activities on work with youth, where in cooperation with a local school we participate in organizing MDD celebrations.

Our important task is also the fulfillment of the measures of the State Veterinary Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic in cases of fighting against various types of diseases that attack wild animals. We hope that we can preserve the wild game population despite the bad forecasts.

In its current form, Slovak hunting is an integral part of the color of rural life and is an integral part of the national cultural wealth. Hunting must go hand in hand with nature conservation, because ecological balance is a basic condition for the preservation of life on Earth.

Peter Obžera – chairman of PZ Hrádok