TJ Dynamo Bystričany

The beginnings of football in Bystričany are connected with the students of the Prievidza grammar school, who in 1932-1936 started playing matches according to the rules. The meadow by the way to the spa in Chalmová served as the first playground. When the Obžerov brothers brought a leather soccer ball from Prague in 1934, the people of Bystričany founded the first football club Bystričany-Chalmová. From 1940, football started to be played on the field near the cemetery, and at that time school football was organized by teacher František Bartolen and Ján Obžera. From 1955, the sports club played under the new name DŠO Dynamo Bystričany, and with varying success it operated in the III football competition until 1960. Classes in Partizánske district. The women's football team played its first match in 1971. Ten years later, at the initiative of the chairman of the Dynamo Bystričana Physical Education Union, Ladislav Obžera, a street tournament for the mayor's cup began to be organized. In addition to competitive football teams, non-traditional teams were also formed. The "old men" also continued their active activity, sporadically accepting offers for friendly meetings and scrimmages from football veterans from other municipalities. The Hornonitran Cup international tournament for younger students is also organized every two years, two years of which were also held in Bystričany.
Since 2007 , a memorial to Ladislav Obžera, who was the long-time chairman of the Dynamo Bystričany Physical Education Unit, has been organized in the village in the winter on a multifunctional field with artificial grass. The tournament is currently organized by his son – a professional footballer – Branislav Obžera, TJ Dynamo Bystričany and the municipality of Bystričany.

However, the most important thing for the future functioning of the club is the work with the youth, to whom the club pays the most attention. The aim of youth coaches is to teach children to enjoy football, their constant progress and building a positive relationship with the sport for life. It is equally important for coaches to raise decent, educated and disciplined people who will follow these values throughout their lives.