Voluntary fire brigade of Bystričany village

The history of volunteer firefighting in our village dates back to 1885. However, historical documents from this period have not been preserved. It can be assumed that the choir did not work during the First World War, its members were on the front lines. In the archive of the choir we can find preserved documents from the date of January 20, 1924. We read in them that at that time it had 18 members. Their exhausting efforts during the fire on November 6, 1934 will forever be recorded in history. The flames engulfed 28 houses and up to 76 different economic buildings. In addition to the men's team, a women's team was also established in 1951, but it only operated for eight years. The re-establishment of the women's team was only possible in 2006. The youth team was founded in 1954. Over the years, the team grew and the original fire station did not meet the capacity. Therefore, in 1976, the municipality started building a new armory together with the municipal office. Construction was completed two years later. Among the greatest milestones of the corps is the acquisition of the Honorary Flag of the DPO SR and the Ribbon for the Honorary Flag of the DPO SR. This is the highest possible honor a choir can receive. Being placed in category A and defending it three times can be considered a great success. The choir also has countless sporting achievements to its credit. Our firefighters have the largest membership base in the district. They are also among the most active and oldest congregations in the region. Currently, the activity of firefighters is diverse. They lead children's children to selflessly help others, show them a love for the sport of firefighting, cooperate on cultural and social events in the village, and last but not least, they devote themselves to fire prevention and repression. They regularly train members, participate in training in the anti-gas training range. They work closely with OR HaZZ in Prievidza and Partizánsko, they organize joint tactical exercises.