Table tennis club Polstrav Bystricany

The Stolno tennis club has been operating in the village of Bystričany since 1978, founded by enthusiasts of this sport. Among the founding members were: Milan Ďurech as
the chairman of the department, Eduard Komžík, Vladimír Masár, Pavol Betak, Miroslav Obžera and František Slúka under the banner of TJ Dynamo Bystričany. The change in the post of chairman only occurred in 1993, when the outgoing chairman Milan Ďurech was replaced by František Barta.
As we know the table tennis club today under the banner Table Tennis Club POLSTRAV Bystriča ny, it started to operate only in 1998. The club also paid attention to the education of youth under the leadership of Viliam Masár and later František Barta.

Despite the fact that the club operates in a small Central Slovak village, it has recorded many successes, of which not only its members are rightly proud. In June 2014, players of the A-team and officials of the table tennis club Polstrav Bystričany were ceremoniously received in the ceremonial hall of the Municipal Office in Bystričany, on the occasion of promotion to the men's table tennis extra league in the year 2013/2014. Other successful years of the club included the 2015/2016 season, when the team took 4th place with players Martin Ježo, Filip Ježo, Jakub Hrádel and Valentín Baženov. In that period, the "B" team played in III. League of the Trenčín Region and "C" team in the V. League of the Upper Nitrian Region. In the year 2016/2017, the club did not register for the extra league due to insufficient financial coverage of this expensive competition. However, the club will play in II. league. In this way, the management of the club would also like to thank all those who have participated in its smaller or bigger successes over the 45 years of its activity, as well as those who have supported the club throughout the years, whether as fans or financially, especially Milan Ďurech, Vilam Masár , František Bart, Ján Žiak, Pavlov Kollár, Ing., Roman Hrádel, Rudolf Urban, Ján Poliak, Vladimír Rados.

Pavel Kollár and Emil Milota – STK POLSTRAV



FROM ANCIENT TIMES:   A memory of the ceremonial reception of the players in the ceremonial hall of the Municipal Office in Bystričany in 2014.